Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oh how times change...

I've recently realized I've turned into somebody I would have never expected.  This is by no means a bad thing.  In contrast, I think it's an interesting twist.  Ten, even five, years ago I was the guy that dreamed of having a big house, expensive cars, watches, clothes, etc.  I got excited when a new phone came out, big TVs, gaming systems, and every imaginable techy gadget.

Now, I find myself getting excited about an Ohio made grain mill!  Heck, I was even more excited about the fact that my wife got me the KitchenAid mixer I (we) wanted instead of a Playstation 3 that I've been wanting for years.  It was by far the best choice, seeing all the butter and bread we make now!  I don't think the PS3 provides any butter making capabilities.

Beyond that, I've noticed a complete change in attitude and mindset.  I'll attribute a fair about of this change to having to save for a wedding, and just getting married and being directly financially accountable, but even before that, I started noticing changes.  I no longer cared so much to dream about the cars I would drive and started to dream about the farm we'd buy.  I also don't mean some 1,000 acre farm with a huge house.  I'm talking about a 5-10 acre farm with a modest house that fits us, our needs, and our budget.  Going from a mindset of making as much money as possible to a very realistic situation where we live on basically one income while Lynette stays home...  It's more exciting than any sports car or fancy suit I could hope to buy.

I find myself getting more excited about paying off debt and saving money than spending money.  Obviously with the whole country being hit by hard times, this has been a very publicized way of thinking.  During the major bust, I was lucky enough to be in a great industry to weather the storm, and Lynette had a teaching job.

I'm also doing something that REALLY surprises me...growing a garden!  Well, trying to grow a garden at least.  Last year, the herbs were successful, but nothing else (partially our fault, partially a landlord with a hoe's fault).  This years garden should hopefully produce a bit more, but until we buy a place we won't be putting a lot of energy and money into building soil, beds, a greenhouse, etc.  I did, after a lot of procrastinating, put up a compost bin.  Hopefully we'll get some good compost out of that before we move.

Don't get me wrong, I still want to be successful, and find something that I'm passionate about to pursue.  I definitely have a drive to be my own boss, and to hopefully build something sustainable enough to provide a good living as well as some manner of flexibility to take a vacation when we want.  However, it's much more important to me to do something that I not only love, but also makes a beneficial impact in the world (even if it's just the local world of Columbus), then to make millions.  It's funny how a few years of life, maturity, and finding that perfect person to balance you out can really make you examine what's important in life.

Not really sure why I felt compelled to write this.  Something was just telling me to share.  To all the visual people out there, sorry there weren't any pictures.

Ok, I lied.  Here's one of my favorite pictures of the furry monsters!

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Rachel (Hounds in the Kitchen) said...

I find myself having those 'I didn't ever think I would be this person' moments frequently. I have chickens in my backyard! I loathe the shower! I keep the thermostat below 60 degrees in winter! My 'normal' now used to be my 'crazy'.