Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Music in the kitchen

First of all, let me just mention that this is usually something that takes place only in the presence of the nonjudgmental eyes of Gracie, Webster, and Cissy..  Sometimes Lynette, when she's lucky.  

I frequently find myself wanting to listen to music, and admittedly do a little dancing in the kitchen when I'm in there.  Mainly I feel the urge when I'm doing the dishes, probably because it isn't one of my favorite things to do, but also if I don't move around, I end up and stand in front of the sink, with my feet planted.  This consequentially leads to wicked sore feet and ankles.  

Sometimes this (I'm sure ridiculously looking) activity, along with a couple generous glasses of wine leads to an injury.  The #1 pro of an appropriately sharp chef's knife is it very easily slices, without force.  Unfortunately, when meeting with my finger, that becomes a serious con.  I know you're worried, but I am pleased to announce that I did indeed survive.  Should I have gone for stitches?  Maybe, but after holding my hand over my head for what could only be described as too long, the bleeding stopped and I moved on with my life.

I do enjoy music playing when I'm cooking sometimes though.  I usually rely on Pandora on my phone because the counter real estate isn't what you would call spacious, and the my phone can go almost anywhere.  There are a couple of artists that I enjoy, but aren't very mainstream: Andy Davis and Griffin House.  A little bluegrassy folk like Nickel Creek (although they aren't together anymore) is also a popular choice in our house.  Recently, I've discovered Adele, and she's become quite the hit here.  I could probably list out a bunch of artist, but I'm actually curious to find out what some of our readers listen to in the kitchen, if anything.

Do you listen to music while in the kitchen?  What do you listen to?  Do you dance? Do you drink and dance?  Do you drink, dance, and inadvertently cut yourself because you aren't paying attention?  


Sarah Dill said...

Yes I dance in my house. I think my neighbor caught me the first night we stayed there. I was cleaning old man crust out of the drawers dancing along to 97.9 (cd's were not unpacked/found yet). Sometimes a glass of wine accompanies me. But it is not necessary. I enjoy jazz or mellow music when cooking. It's been Jack Johnson as of late. Charlie Parker is also a staple. I also love putting music on with the kids when I make their din din...and we all shake it in the kitchen around the mac and cheese.

Katie said...

Music nearly always, and wine sometimes when doing the dishes. Occasionally, I'll stream a netflix movie on my ipod. Any distraction is a must.