Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Let the bike commuting begin!

January ended with a move to Grandview and February started with the beginning of my goal to commute to work by bike everyday.

I was up early on Monday and ready to go. I was layered up for my 0.8 mile commute (I know, compared to other bike commuters it's nothing) and was actually over dressed. I had my work clothes on (khakis and a long sleeved tshirt), sweat pants, my Craft cycling pants, a sweatshirt, and my Columbia jacket. I also had a neck gater that has an attached hood and my cycling gloves and a big pair of winter gloves. I could have easily cut out the middle layer.

The ride to work was great! I was a little warm for the most part, but since it was only for a mile or less, it wasn't enough to get sweaty. I was really looking forward to my ride home, just to find out that my back tire was about half flat. It wasn't flat enough for me to think that it had a leak, but it was too flat to ride on...bummer. Of course I didn't have my hand pump, so I walked it.

On Tuesday (today) I was excited to get up and give it another go, just to find out that there was some snow on the ground and the roads were looking pretty bad. I decided that for safety sake, I probably should get out on the road with my road tires. I had the new tires and tubes for my mountain bike, but of course didn't have them on because they weren't calling for snow in the morning. I guess I probably could have walked, but I gave in and drove.

Needless to say, my #1 goal for tonight was to get my mountain bike ready to go. It's not much to look at, but it should get the job done if there is snow on the ground in the morning.

On another note, Lynette isn't the picture of health recently. I think the stress of moving has taken it's toll on her immune system. She took Monday off to get some work done and to do some more unpacking/cleaning/organizing. She went to work today, but her fever came back so she's staying home tomorrow. I drove home for lunch today and it was really nice so I plan to do the same tomorrow and have lunch with my lady. It'll take a bit more time by bike, but it'll be nice to double my "workout" :-)

Loving the new house, the new roomie, and all the fun that's sure to be had!

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