Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's crazy here!

Wow! What's not going on these days:
  • under 200 days until the wedding
  • getting ready to bring on a new client into our department
  • in Texas on Monday - Friday night for training for that new client
  • up bright and early to move on Saturday the 30th
I can't wait to move in with Lynette! It'll be so nice not to have to shuffle back and forth from her place to mine and bring food back and forth for dinners. Such a pain! Not only will it be nice for that convenience, but we'll be saving hundreds by cohabitating and it's super close to my work! I'll be breaking out the winter beater and starting to bike to work now that I'm within a mile of work. I know it's not much to boast about, but I'm still really excited to get back in the saddle. I really wanted to do it now, but I can hardly get up in time to drive to work, let alone ride.

I'm happy we were able to find a house in Grandview that we could rent within our budget. I know Lynette was back and forth about the idea of living in Grandview, but once we are down there I know she'll fall in love with it. I only hope that her drive ends up and doesn't take as long as she thinks it will.

I have a feeling that the next 7.5 months are going to fly by...

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Lynette said...

I'm excited about moving! I think I will like Grandview. Not so excited about the drive, but I don't think it will be any worse than what I'm driving now. AND I'll get to stay home when I get back from work, and that will make a BIG difference. I love you!