Friday, February 5, 2010

First foray into Winter riding

This was the scene from the window at work just after lunch.

It was a very wet and slushy snow and the ride home was a piece of cake. I do however wish the bike was a little more my size.

It's an old mountain bike from my younger years. I stripped the derailer, gear selectors, and cables off because they all had seen their better days, essentially making it a single speed. I like the idea of this, especially for winter riding because of the maintenance issues. When I shortened the chain, I put it on the middle cog on the rear and the small chain ring on the front. After riding today, I definitely realize that I need to at least move the chain to the middle chain ring in the front. I was peddling like a madman this morning and I think I topped out at 5 mph. :-) The bike is also way to short for me, but it'll have to do (at least till next year).

Anyways, I got a lot of "you're crazy" and at least 5 people ask "you need a ride home?" In all honesty, I like standing for something, even if it does mean people think I'm a little off. I'm very happy to rely on my bike a lot more. I like it not only for the savings on gas and general auto expenses, exercise, environmental benefits, but more because it makes me happy. Yea, some drivers aren't the nicest, the weather isn't always ideal, and it would be easier to just drive, but what's the fun in that.

See ya on the road!

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