Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Last weekend and next weekend

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I haven't posted in awhile, but it's not been a lack of not wanting to, I just kept forgetting about it at night. I thought for a second that I would get to bed before 11pm tonight, but alas it's 10:59, I'm blogging. Doesn't look good.

What's the latest and greatest you ask:

Last Friday, Dad came down to C-bus for the Arthritis Car Show in Dublin. It was hot, but a good time. We were there late morning/early afternoon so I think the number of cars was still a little lower then I remember from previous years, but I still think he had a good time.

Work gave us free tickets to King's Island for last Saturday so that was exciting. Lynette was going to watch Gracie, but when I found out that my free guest ticket was still available I asked her to go. It was a good time! We took the dogs to her sister's and then headed to K.I. It was hot, but we broke it up with a couple hours at the water park. We didn't hit all the rides at the park, but it was pretty busy so the lines were a little long. I think we got back to town aroudn 1:30 in the morning so needless to say, it was a long, but fun, day. Word on the street from friends is that there is going to be a Cedar Point trip in September.

On Sunday I headed up to good ole ONU. One of Cam's boys was playing some basketball in the area, so I went up and had a calzone from Padrone's and then went to watch Caleb play. They lost, but it was still good to go and hang out. I can't believe how much Northern has changed. Being on campus brought back a lot of memories of some good times! :-)

This upcoming weekend is camping trip #2 for the summer. It's going to be a hot and humid one this time! I'm not too excited about the heat, but it'll be fun other then that. It sounds like it's just going to be Lynette and Webster, and Gracie and I. I think Joy is planning on coming up on Saturday, and Brad has also talked about coming up either on Friday or Saturday as well. We've already worked out the menu for the weekend, so now it's just a matter of going to buy the food. The important purchase was the coffee percolator. I also just opened up my tent after I let someone borrow it, and it seems to be unusable. I'm a little angry about that, but I should have check it earlier. The zipper got pulled away from the fabric and is also stretched so I don't know if it's fixable, plus the inside of it is filthy. I'm going to try to get a decent and cheap tent on craigslist before we leave. If I can't get something then I'll just have to find a way to make due.

Well that's it for now. I think I'll at least try to get to bed before 11:30. I may try to get to the gym in the morning...just maybe! :-o

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