Saturday, June 14, 2008

Purpose of the pursuit

I guess my whole thought around this blog was to have something new and interesting to play with, but also to be able to keep some sort of running commentary on my life and it's happenings. I don't lead a very interesting life, but I figured it would be a neat way for family and friends to know what's going on, and even though it's technically Saturday, I think I'll start off with the events of today (Friday June 13th).

6/13/2008 - Most notably, today is Dad's birthday. I wished I could have gone home this weekend, but the petro prices tell another story. So just like the last few nights, I haven't been able to go to sleep, but I really haven't had much problem waking up in the morning. I was thinking about riding my bike into work this morning, but they were calling for rain this afternoon. Good thing I didn't ride because it did in fact rain.

It was a pretty average day at work today. Nothing overly exciting and luckily nothing overly frustrating. :-) With the heat, I've recently changed my morning coffee over to a morning iced coffee. It's quite refreshing, though I still wish Tim Horton's would get better lids for their cups.

I was thinking about finally hitting up the Thirsty Ear tonight, but with the lack of willing parties available I chose to get some wings from BW3's and stay in and be "productive." By productive I mean, play around with this blog, pandora, a little facebook, and I had August Rush on in the background. No very productive, but it was relaxing.

Ok, I think I could fall asleep so this dude is going to curl up with a nice dog and call it a night.

Till the next time...
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Tiffany said...

I had to check out your blog and I giggled about your TIm Horton's cup lid comment... I haven't gotten anything from them for a year with those lids until Saturday... and all I could think about was how I didn't learn my lesson, and neither have they obviously.

Eric said...

Yes, well those leaky lids are much more manageable then the leaky coffee cups I had from them for like 2 monthes straight. It got so bad that I even emailed them and complained. I was hoping to get some free coffee out of it, but I didn't :-(