Sunday, March 25, 2012

On March 9th, I lost one of my oldest friends. After begging for months for a dog, I brought Cissy home wrapped inside my coat. My parents figured a cat was the lesser of two evils, so my sisters and I got our first pet that did not require a cage. I had just turned 13. Now at nearly 28, I know I will likely never have another pet for over half of my life. I will miss that little sister cat dearly.

Though she belonged to me and all of my three sisters (and I have fond memories of several of us sitting together in an exam room at the vet's and pooling our babysitting money for her shots), I was the one that belonged to Cissy. Somehow I was always her girl, the only one she tolerated (as much as a Cisscat can tolerate anyone). And so, she came with me as soon as I graduated and got a place of my own.

When Eric started hanging around, he tried to tell me he didn't like cats - which he will vehemently deny, but who are you going to believe here ;-). Even so, he tried desperately to make friends with Cissy with little luck. Somehow, they won each other over. He finally got his very own head grooming just before she left us!

Cissy was diagnosed with liver cancer, spread to the spleen and kidneys last June. She did very well on steriods until recently. When she began straining to pee, we had to let her go. I will miss our little popcorn-stealing friend. I think I might even miss telling guests not to try to pet the cat ;-)

Here is Cissy, from 4 weeks until 15 years:

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