Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Birthday Dinner - Elevator Brewery and Draught Haus

Yesterday was my 31st birthday.  We didn't plan for anything big, but Lynette wanted to take me out to dinner.  She even picked the place!

We went to Elevator Brewery and Draught Haus.

It was our first time being there, and as we left, I realized it was probably the first time I had ever eaten at a "downtown" establishment (other than the Arena District which I don't think counts).  They are a local brewery of which we've previously bought and tried a couple of their beers.  We've liked all the beer we've tried and so we had high hopes for dinner.  We were not disappointed!

Unfortunately I failed to get any pictures of dinner, or the inside of the building, but both were awesome!  We were greeted with a long narrow building, that had some awesome historic details.  Apparently it used to be a brothel/gentlemen's club and from what I've been told may have the oldest billiard table in the state.  Next time we go, I'll probably pay more attention to the details of the building instead of thinking about dinner and the beer sampler.

I got the 6 beer sampler and loved all of them!  Even the light beer was delicious (for a light beer)!  Lynette got the fish and chips (which I helped her polish off) and I got the special, crab manicotti. There were only two manicottis, but they were quite filling, especially with a couple pieces of bread first and some beer.

It was a bit more expensive than what we usually spend for dinner, but we will definitely go back for special occasions (or when we feel like splurging).  I've heard their appetizers are delicious too (though we didn't try any) so I mentioned to Lynette that it would be a fun place to go, get an appetizer, and have a couple of beers.

If you've never been to Elevator, I would totally suggest going.  There isn't an adjacent parking lot, so you'll have to find a garage, but there are at least two within a couple blocks.  The ambiance is a little dim, and some of the tables are close together, but it was a great, unique dining experience.

The building was awesome, the food was better than awesome, and the beer was outstanding!

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