Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Recipe Fail - A Call for Help!

We made shrimp jambalaya tonight for dinner.  

It looked tasty, and all the ingredients in the recipe seem like they would play nicely together.  By all accounts it was edible, but it was not tasty.  For starters, it was a little too tomatoy for my taste which normally isn't surprising since I don't like tomatoes, but it was also a bit tomatoy for Lynette too.  I'm also wondering if it should have been seasoned more, we should have used more of a chunky tomato sauce instead of just diced tomatoes, or...?

The best and also worst part of a meal like this, is that it makes a lot!  Best in the sense that if it's delicious it makes a lot for very little money.  Worst in the sense that if it's not so great, it's a lot of food to waste or force myself to eat. Since it's edible and not disgusting, I can't just throw it out.  

In lieu of this dilemma, I'm looking for suggestions on ways to improve this so I can enjoy what will become lunch for the rest of the week and then some.  Please help!  Put any suggestions in the comments below and hopefully something will help. Thanks!


Megan said...

Bring some to work tomorrow. I will taste and provide feedback. =)


Jeremy Fincher said...

The biggest problem with that recipe is that it's not Jambalaya. Jambalaya has shrimp, but it also has chicken and (most importantly) sausage (andouille). Without the andouille, it's basically just a veggie rice with shrimp, so it's no wonder it tasted too tomatoey for you and Lynette.

I'd add some significant chili powder for additional flavor--making up for the missing andouille--probably about 1T, and some sugar--to tone down the tomatoes' acidity a little--probably about 1t, then form patties and pan-fry them, like crab cakes. More like risotto cakes, actually, but either way, it's something fundamentally different. You can eat those cakes with a proper remoulade sauce, or be lazy and just mix some mayo with sriracha sauce and I think you'll forget about the tomatoes entirely :)

A bottle of clam juice might also subdue the tomatoey flavor by increasing the seafood flavor, if that's something you're fine with.

Daddy-O said...

I concur with Jeremy, but I would also add some o'dat Louisiana Hot Sauce to perk up the flavor. To me, jambalaya just ain't complete without the hot sauce.

Andrea said...

Definitely not enough seasoning! I agree with adding in hot sauce, that should help some. You can try adding in some chili powder and garlic powder as well.

Also cooking the rice in chicken broth provides much more flavor (unless you're a veggie, which I don't think you are?).

Usually when I make a dish like this, I also include onions, peppers, and sausage of some kind. :)

Kristian said...

I would add Frank's Red Hot or sriracha. Other ways to eat it would be in an omelet or in or torilla. Or why not add some cheese to it and make it into a nice gooey mess (perhaps even with chili)? :-)