Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Marriage is easy. Life is hard.

This has become our little household saying during the first year of marriage.  That's right, it's been one year.  I seems like it was just a few months ago, even though so much has happened in the last year.

Actually, our anniversary was a week and a half ago, Sunday August 7th.  It was during our little blog hiatus/blackout, so we didn't post anything about it then, but I am now.  It really was a great day!

It started when we got in the car to head to the North Market.  When I turned the car on, the check engine light came on.  Great!  We just got back from a trip to north central Ohio without any problems so I couldn't think of what it might be.  We headed to Advance Auto so they could pull the code and hoped for something simple (which is usually not the case with my automotive luck).  The code pulled as some "gross emission leak."  Hmm...  The guy said it could be a number of things, but could be as simple as the gas cap not being screwed on.  I knew Lynette recently filled the car up, but I thought, "surely she screwed the cap on all the way."   Needless to say, we managed to leave Advance without spending any money...

Now, on to the North Market!

We honeymooned in Maine last year and our favorite things were the lobster rolls!

We decided once we returned that we would make them for our first anniversary.  We missed them all year long, and so we made them.

We picked up a couple of Maine lobsters - total weight 3.2 lbs.

Lynette resisted the urge to name them, though I bet we could have come up with some stellar names!  In all seriousness, these were the first animals that we'd actually killed for food.  Yes, some people may think that they are "just lobsters" but it was still something we didn't take lightly.

It took more time getting all the meat out of the shells than they did to actually cook, but after some effort we had ourselves a meal!

I joked that this probably wasn't the fanciest anniversary dinner, but it was still perfect!  It took us back to all the fun times we had in Maine!

It was also a good time to reflect on everything that has happened in the last year.  If you've followed the blog, I'm sure your well aware, but regardless of all the not so happy moments, it's been a wonderful first year.  And they say the first year of marriage is the hardest (I sure hope so).  This is where our household saying, "Marriage is easy. Life is hard" comes from.  Through all "life" that we've experienced this last year, it was always our marriage that helped provide us strength.  Overall, it was a wonderful first year, with a wonderful woman!  Here's to many many many more (less stressful) years!

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Rachel (Hounds in the Kitchen) said...

Congratulations! I think lobster rolls are a very fine anniversary dinner!