Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bittersweet Birthday

Yesterday was Gracie's ninth birthday, and we were so happy to be able to celebrate it. Eric and I confessed to each other that we never thought she'd actually make it to her birthday this year. We are so proud of our strong pup!

We've seen her slowing down over the past few weeks, sleeping a bit more, but definitely still herself when she is awake. I've been watching our friends' son, and every time I tell him it is time to go somewhere Gracie will about lose her mind thinking she is coming too. On Friday, she pushed her way out the door ahead of us and ran laps around my car whining before I could get him in his car seat and her back in the house. We decided to give her a car ride for her birthday, along with a trip to Three Dog Bakery in the Short North.

The car ride ended up being longer and the trip to the dog bakery ended up being a trip to the pet store because of crazy traffic from Comfest. She thoroughly enjoyed the people watching along with her car ride around campus:

In other news, we are waiting right now to hear back from OSU about Cissy's x-rays and blood work. She didn't eat yesterday (or go to the bathroom), and the vet couldn't get us in then. We were going to try to hold off, but she was painful this morning and still wouldn't eat or go to the bathroom and we weren't positive we'd be able to get her in to our vet tomorrow - Woohoo,emergency fees! She got a complete geriatric profile done (blood work, urinalysis, etc.) less than two weeks ago, because she has been losing weight and not taking care of herself. Came back ok, though slightly anemic. Now this...

Ack, pets! Why do we love them? Oh yeah, see the picture above.

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