Friday, March 25, 2011


I don't know if you all have ever heard of TEDTalks.  If not, I would highly recommend you check out the website.  To make a long story short (mainly because I'm writing this at work on lunch), I listened to the audio of a talk by Neil Pasricha, titled The 3 A's of awesome.  Here's the video, which is much better than just the audio alone:

I hope you watched that, if not, please go back and watch it.  I'll wait........

OK, now that you've watched it, here is the link to his website, 1000 awesome things.  Talk about opening your eyes to all the simple things in life!  Looking through this site really made me take a step or two back and recognize some of the simple things in life that make me smile and laugh. (I particularly think Lynette will enjoy #283)   It's these things that I think too many people out there fail to truly stop and appreciate.

I guess this could be considered a Link of the Week...or Link of a Lifetime.

Now, go out and have an awesome weekend, full of life's enjoyable moments!  Feel free to share what your favorites from the site are in the comments section, or what similar moments you've had recently.  I'll take note over the weekend and share some of mine in the comments section on Sunday!

OK.  Now go out and have an awesome weekend!

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Eric said...

As promised, my little bits of awesomeness for the weekend: the constant nuzzle of affection from a dog, listening to my Grandpa tell a story about what he spent $0.10 on as a kid, getting excited about "resurrecting" and old taffy recipe and making plans to do it as a family, and family brunch on Sunday.

It was an awesome weekend! I hope yours was too!