Saturday, January 15, 2011

Link of the Week

I meant to get this up on Friday, but decided instead to make a pizza and hang out with my wife.  Regardless, here it is.  

This week's link is to a resource that I've found not only extremely informative, and thought provoking, but also quite entertaining.  Some of you may not read past the point when I share this link, but I encourage you to please do so.  It's a website that hosts, not only a podcast, but also an extremely extensive forum on dozens of topics.  I declare The Survival Podcast to be this week's link of the week!

Now, like I said, many of you may be turned off immediately just by it's name, but please hang in with me.  I think everyone can benefit in some way from this resource.  First off, let me just say that it's not one of those, doom and gloom, the world is going to end tomorrow type places.  The motto/theme of the site is "helping you live the life you want, if times get tough, or even if they don't."  It's impossible for me to boil down everything that is contained in the forum and to date, 587 podcast episodes.  Needless to say, Jack, the host breaks down simple, common sense ways to be prepared and reasons to be so.  This runs the range from being prepared for a severe storm, short term power outage, loss of a job or yes, all the way to a worst case, shit hit the fan (SHTF) scenario.  Now, unfortunately I'm guessing that I probably just lost someone there...

Currently I think there are plenty of examples of the need to be prepared.  The first that comes to mind are the dozens of reports that I've seen in the last month of people getting stuck, on the highway, in blizzard conditions.  Forget the roads though, what about all the people that are stuck in their houses because of the snow.  Some of these people have literally been unable to go anywhere in the last 3-4 days.  Ask yourself (seriously, ask yourself), if you were stuck in your house for 3-4 days...or even a week, would you have enough food for you and your family, your pets, or enough drinkable water?  What if the power went out?  It's happened before.  A few years ago, here in a Ohio there was a wicked ice storm that knocked out the power to thousands of people.  Yea, they set up shelters in local schools, YMCAs, etc., but really?  You would rather be completely unprepared and take your entire family to a school gymnasium to sleep on a cot rather than having some extra food, blankets, alternative heat, etc.  Also, keep in mind if you have pets, most of these emergency shelters won't allow them.  I won't be leaving my three here alone to fend for themselves.  

Being prepared isn't the only reason to check out the site.  I've found Jack extremely knowledgeable and informative on a number of topics.  Some of these include gardening, debt, food storage (dehydrating, preserving, canning), money and the current monetary policy, product reviews, health, and yes politics.  I'm not going to get into anything regarding politics because your views are your views, but I would really encourage you to listen to podcasts or check out the forums on topics you might be interested in.  I find Jack honest, sincere, and realistic.  I haven't heard any conspiracy theory type talk or weird, tin-foil hat wearing talk.  Everything he speaks about seems to be based on verifiable facts and not hearsay.

Anyways...  I could be here all night trying to convince you to go check it out.  I think it's in your best to go.  There is a lot of real world, common sense stuff.  Whether you trust me enough to take my word on it is up to you.

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