Thursday, January 6, 2011

It snowed today and the pups were happy!

When I took them out after work, all they wanted to do was play.  Well, if this is what you call playing.  Webster runs around and nips, jumps, and barks at Gracie and Gracie just stands her ground and barks back.  There are a few times when she'll chase him, but she's smart enough to know she can't catch him.

We got a new video camera, but I didn't think to bring it out, so this is just from my phone.  It's still pretty good, and it's nice to have multiple gadgets to catch fun things like this.  They really do come alive when it snows out.  Webster is almost always a ball of energy, but Gracie channels a lot of her inner puppy when it's snowing.  It's the one time that she could really never get enough of playing.  I love it!

That's all for tonight.  Time to go spend some QT with the wife.

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