Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fresh ingredients and old traditions

BEHOLD!  The contents of our Winter Fresh Market Bag from The Greener Grocer.  This is the first bag that we have received from The Greener Grocer, but I hope we turn this into an all year thing.  They also offer bags throughout the summer and my thought is, if we can effectively use all the ingredients each week during the winter, we should be well practiced to make good use of the summer bags!  In this week's bag: Clementines (which we couldn't resist and immediately had one each, as you can see), Mutsu Apples (Ohio), Cornmeal (Ohio), Apple Cider (Ohio), Red Cabbage, Carrots, Romaine Lettuce, and Jalapenos.  We still have to decide what all we'll make in the next week, but we picked up some ground round from Bluescreek Farm for chili which we'll use the cornmeal for corn muffins/bread.  I'm planning to make some spicy slaw with some of the cabbage, the jalapenos, and carrots.  Not sure about all the romaine, but we'll definitely mix some of it in to a salad.  The apple and clementines we'll probably just eat.  I already can't wait to see what is in next week's bag.

Along with planning out our weekly meals, we've also made it a bigger effort to eat at the dinning room table.  This was something we said we were going to do when we first moved in together, but with all the wedding clutter on the table and the time we didn't seem to have to make meals, we ended up going out to eat or picking up food and eating in front of the TV.  I in no way want to talk down to people that do that because we still do it.  If there is a show on we want to watch (although we have DVR) or if we happen to go out and pick something up for dinner (which we are trying to stop doing) we sometimes end up eating in front of the TV.  

Don't get me wrong, I don't think this is horrible, but I think it removes a lot of connectiveness (I know it's probably not a word) during dinner.  It's so much easier to talk over a meal when you're sitting across from one another at a table than it is sitting next to each other, facing forward at a TV.  I for one, get tuned into a program and pretty much tune everything else out.  Also, when food is on a coffee table, dog noses and tails are at perfect levels for disaster.  At a table they have to flash those big brown eyes and try to beg for food instead of just sneaking it when you're not looking!

At least for dinner, we're going to be trying hard to make sure we are eating at a table.  I think it's good for us, and if you're not already doing it, I think it would be good for you too.  Clear off that table and give it a try.  It may feel a little awkward at first, but stick with it!  I think you'll find that it fosters good things!

Now, time to go check on the split pea soup and biscuits my wife is making.  YUM!!

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Rachel said...

Hi Rosendauls! I love your blog!

Snowville does have the best milk! I can't get it in Mount Vernon, and it makes me really sad. I bet that butter tastes AMAZING. Your bag o'produce looks pretty great too!