Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stupid drivers

I have a new depreciation for stupid drivers.  Having started commuting the 8 miles to work by bike, I really have a new found hatred for drivers that don't recognize or respect a bicyclist's right to the road.  



Anonymous said...

Hey, Eric, that's great you're biking to work. You get to see the world through an entirely different lens, eh? Let's grab a beer sometime and compare notes.

Eric said...

It definitely gives me a whole new appreciation for the trip into work and back home. I need to buy some rain gear so I can ride in the rain too, but for now, I'm pretty much just commuting when it's nice.

I'd be up for grabbing a beer and comparing notes sometime. You signed the note Anonymous though, so I don't know who you are...?

Tiffany said...

i find this amusing