Friday, January 2, 2009

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

Hola my devoted readers....ha!  So Christmas was good.  Got lots of good stuff:  new boots, 22" LCD monitor, $ for a laptop since most of what I was planning on spending when towards fixing my car, some awesome camping stuff, some socks (but no underwear), a new cookbook, and so much more.  It was a little different this Christmas because I didn't spend Christmas Eve or Christmas morning in Bryan.  Since Scott didn't fly in until Christmas afternoon, I decided to spend Christmas eve and morning down in Cincinnati with the Gibsons.  It was good fun!  Lynette, quite bravely, decided to come up to Bryan then on Saturday and enjoy my family's Christmas parties.  She fared pretty well.

New years was good too.  It was at Mike and Erin Sovics again which was nice because last year was the first time I had spent anytime with Lynette and it was actually the beginning of a lot of good friendships.  Through that night came the camping trips, the dinner parties, and lots and lots of new friends.  It's amazing how your life can really change in a years time.  We enjoyed some good food, good friends, and best of all....a New Year's kiss! 

Ok, that's the holiday update.  Stay tuned for more..... 


Anonymous said...

I don't remember reading that "i fared pretty well." I think I did better than that! :-)

Eric said...

Not so anonymous, Miss. Anonymous! ;-)