Thursday, November 13, 2008

What a concert!

It was definitely worth the 2 hour drive and little less sleep then normal! Erica and I took a drive, in the rain, last night to Oxford, OH (Miami University) to see Andy Davis in concert. The show was suppose to start around 10 or 11 but because there was no cover, we decided to get there a little early to beat the crowd. We rolled up about 8:30 to find a total of 20 people there...maybe. The good thing about getting there early was that we got to see them doing the sound check and rockin' out parts of a few songs. There was a guy opening up for Andy, but I had no idea who he was. Turned out he was awesome! His name is Seth Philpott (

We ended up sitting with this couple that had seen Andy before. They were also not students so that was nice. We were able to have some intelligent conversations and enjoy the concert. I think there were maybe a total of 50 people there in the whole bar that night. I really hope the lack of people doesn't keep Andy, or Seth from coming back. It was a nice venue, the sound was good, and I think it could really be a rockin' show with some more people there.

The concert ended at 1am and with so little people there, we got a chance to talk to both Seth and Andy. Erica even got her picture with Andy!

It sounds like Andy might slow his touring and instead be hitting the studio after the first of the year, but I hope he gets to Columbus on his next tour. I'm sure we can get a good size crowd to go see him if he's in town.

Ok, enough from me. Time for bed. I've got a long 8 hour day at MDK, directly followed by a 5 hour night at the gym. Oh boy!

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