Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sitting here watching Once with Lou and realizing how much fun it is to spend the weekend doing pretty much nothing. We went to a Corn Maze yesterday, and got lost looking for a check point. Other then that, the weekend consisted of breakfast, lunch, dinner, tv watching, movie watching, and taking the pups to the park. I'm sure there should have been some productivity wrapped in, but we've both been looking forward to slothing around.

Here's us in the Maze, while lost looking for the notorious check point 8:

I probably should have sat down and decided how I was going to vote this Tuesday. Not only for the president, but also for all the issues and the other people. Oh well...I got through 5 years of college doing most of the work the night before so I'll probably be researching on Monday night. Anyone care to join?

All for now.

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